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Terttu has mixed an absurd number of gigs. There are so many of them that we are not going to reveal the number because you would think we are making it up. What we will tell you, though, is that Terttu has done one hell of a job on each and every one of those gigs. That is why Mr. Arnberg is known as a trustworthy mixing engineer and a man of unparalleled wit by the people of Egotrippi, ApocalypticaJonna Tervomaa, 69 Eyes and Lauri Ylönen. In the hands of Terttu, any mixing console and band simply sounds better. For years we have been trying to figure out why, and it is our current understanding that Nigel Tufnel may have something to do with it.


In studio Terttu has distinguished himself as a visionary producer and recorder of rock and pop, and he never tires of drooling after new equipment. The desire to try out new things and to question conventional practices is typical for Terttu: he knows how to unearth "The Sound" that no-one knew even existed – before they hear what Terttu is trying to achieve. Making an album with this extraordinarily multi-musical man with a magnificent voice is an exciting and psychedelic experience.


An extremely likeable fellow who continuously manages to get excited about new things. He thinks that American Idiot by Green Day has the best sounds on a 21st century rock album, and never forgets to tell others about the album and his other objects of passion.


A father. A hedonist. He is a great cook and decided some time ago to obtain a professional qualification to prove it. He hates the Finnish staple lagers, and prefers wine. He grudgingly succumbs to drinking beer from small breweries every now and then until he finds the wine of his life. He also likes golf and in secret Dream Theater.