Sounds Better.

5 by 5 Studio



5 by 5 Studio is not just another recording sweatshop. We offer everything you need to forge a world-class album – from pre-production to mastering. At the end of the recording day, 5 by 5 Studio's efficient but relaxed atmosphere leaves you with not only a high-quality product but also a good feeling. Work in the calm, air-conditioned control room, take a break and exchange your thoughts with people working in the other control rooms. At the end of the day you can listen to the fruits of your labour on the lounge loudspeakers, enjoy a drink from the studio bar and find out who in your band is the fastest in Gran Turismo. Sounds better, doesn't it? Read on.



The recording room is over 4 meters high and the adjustable acoustics allow creating a world-class sound with any instrument. For less reverb, there are also two smaller recording rooms that can be used as separate booths that allow playing together in the large room without leakage or other sound problems.


The control room is more than 30 m² and is built around an SSL 4056G+ Special Edition analogue console*, the Rolls Royce of studio consoles. Our racks contain an ample number of traditional dynamics control tools, microphone preamps and effects; in addition we have a thick wad of plug-ins to facilitate computer-aided sound editing. In addition to the file-secured Pro Tools HD 3 system, we have an Otari MX-80 2-inch, 24-track recorder and an Otari MX-55 1/4-inch master tape recorder that can be used for recording if you prefer a 100% analogue signal chain. We are continuously expanding out rich arsenal of microphones and instruments/amplifiers. If any of the devices needs urgent maintenance or any other technical consultation, Custom Shop is always near to extend a helping hand.


Thanks to the loading dock and a freight elevator, even a large pile of instruments can be easily hoisted to our penthouse studio with the gentle help of a professional roadie.



5 by 5 Studio is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, near the Valimo train station. The nearest bus stops with frequent connections are Valimokuja on Vihdintie and Valimotie on Pitäjänmäentie. There is a lot of parking space if you are coming by car.


* 5 by 5:'s unit is the Massive Attack's console referred to in the Wikipedia article.