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Computers have replaced pen and paper a long time ago but Perttu does not need any tools! He has the habit of using his brain capacity to memorize entire albums or live concerts and writing their score down that same evening. An infallible pitch, the know-how to notate anything from a renaissance choir piece to a large nuclear explosion, and the ability to decipher a composition consisting of millions of parts by listening to it once are just a few examples of Perttu musical talent.


In addition to theoretical knowledge Perttu – who has shaken hands with classical, metal, fusion, pop and rock music – has over the years reached a rather high level in the art of guitar playing, producing and recording. He is also one of the most talented orchestrators and arrangers in Europe – his flawless hearing and most eclectic and sophisticated taste in music make this fantastic fellow one of the most sough-after music makers in Finland.


Perttu is a visionary to the bone and a cool-headed intellectual who can create analogies between the philosophies of Richard Strauss, Napalm Death and Schöpenhauer without difficulty but thank god does not do it often. On the other hand, Perttu lets out of his mouth humorous remarks that are so pitch black and unfit for print that it is sometimes hard to believe we are talking about one and the same man.


Perttu likes to work alone and values ambition, honesty, independence and living according to the Eastern philosophies. He has no trouble enduring massive stress levels and challenging himself to achieve new objectives. His hobbies include, inter alia, workaholism, spotting wrong notes and philosophising about them, keeping fit, meditating, culture in all of its shapes and form, and adventures with good art, food and wine.