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Information technology, pyrotechnics, audio technology, diesel engine technology... the list goes on and on. Ever since his first electric shock from a light base at the age of 4, Paavo has been interested in everything that works with electricity or has moving parts. Technical drawings as his favourite past-time reading, Paavo's technical fetish encompasses first and foremost audio technology. Nearly every night the soldering iron smokes and lights flicker in 5 by 5's service room ( or Dr Kurkela's clinic as we know it) as this irredeemable propeller head is building or repairing some audio technical Death Star.


Inside that curly head of his there is a colossal amount of data on how audio equipment works, starting from cable configurations to understanding the mental life of different compressors and preamps, and culminating in the internal structures of large studio mixing consoles and their maintenance. Paavo is also very keen on acoustics – measuring the properties of speakers and rooms, optimizing them, and utilizing the cryptic parameters of system processors to adjust frequency response is everyday routine to him.


Dr. Kurkela has also made a name for himself on live music scene. Nearly 20 years on the road with top artists has made Paavo a true multi-talent who is not left clueless no matter what the task is. Whether it is about room or mixing stage monitors, saving the equipment from a raving mad crowd or cheering the band up when they are having a bad day, Paavo is on top of it. Using the "boot and duct tape" method, he has saved more gigs than the Salvation Army has helped poor people.


Paavo is one of the hardest working men in showbiz, who often proves the prime mover of our dynamic team. He solemnly believes in the omnipotence of analogue technology, and despite his appearance of a leftist hippie he is an extremely precise man who demands from himself and others that things are done as they should be. He is not afraid to express his opinion, and he likes to make sure that everyone understands what he is saying.


He loves good food and drink, and likes to cook. At the rare occasion of having free-time, Paavo likes riding his mountain bike or driving his Scalextric racing track, and of course his equipment has been modified and fine-tuned to the smallest detail by the good doctor himself.