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There are so many stories circulating about Matias that you would think the guy's as old as Methuselah. In reality, he is just a regular mortal who was born in the '80s and has been really busy ever since. Despite his rocker image he has also expanded his career to classical, jazz and popular music.


Nowadays Matias is perhaps best known for his ability to create an unbelievable number of sounds during an unbelievably short period of time using his electric guitar, but he is also more than capable in producing, recording, mixing and mastering. Because of his uncompromising work ethic and incredibly high standards of quality, time after time Matias ends up working long hours to ensure that the product is nothing short of spectacular. He also takes the term deadline literally – he would rather die than deliver late.


To counterbalance this, Matias is know for his ability to relax with the same intensity as he works, for his rich sense of humour and for his humble "feet on the ground" attitude. It should also be mentioned that he is also known as perhaps the best-prepared man on the Northern Hemisphere – Matias thinks it makes complete sense to arm himself for a 2-set schlager gig with a full stack, 3 preamps, a 4-unit effects rack, 3 different guitars, a wireless laptop and a multi-band compressor so that Bridge Over Troubled Water and Dancing Queen would sound organic enough. Nearly every day he declares that he has found some vintage amplifier or an audio device hand-made on some Eurasian mountains that is an absolute must-have.


Matias, who has worked with Stratovarius, Apocalyptica, Turisas, Jari Sillanpää, Dingo and Clifters, is always planning something new, often with his comrade Perttu. You'd better watch out.