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Kalle was born in Kuopio. Luckily, that is his only handicap – Kalle came to his senses, moved to Helsinki, and has over the past 20 years developed a vast amount of experience and understanding of everything that involves the music business. No matter if it is studio work, a live gig, a business seminar, building an audio environment from scratch, or getting the drummer who passed out naked under the tour bus fridge ready for action and on the stage in less than 2 minutes, Kalle can deliver.


Mumbling in Savonian dialect, he creates top-class sounds, designs audio systems and acoustic solutions that in their complexity defy human understanding, and knows an infinite number of practical tricks of the trade to improve the product. Kalle has a firm and reasoned opinion on everything, although he might not voice it until it is the time to do so.


When it comes to music, Kalle is omnivorous. However, he has a soft spot especially for rock and pop that break the boundaries of convention (go Soul Coughing!) and that is why he has been chosen to author several albums and productions in the indie, pop and rock genres, especially when the project has required a special touch. Over the years, he has recorded everything from rock, pop and jazz to metal, schlager and classical music. In addition to music and sound, Kalle loves his family, ethnic food, high-quality lager and good humour.