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Joakim is in charge of Custom Shop's instrument maintenance service. Kim – who dissembled, designed, built and assembled his first guitars in his teens – has been working for several years in music shops servicing and selling instruments. This "Fabio of Fleminginkatu" is known as a handy guy, a zealous collector of musical instruments, and a tough salesman who could persuade Eskimos to buy snow or Keith Richards to consider switching to Stratocaster.


Over the years Joakim has seen and fixed instruments in various states of disrepair and things that by then bore only a slight resemblance to instruments. Do bring your fit-for-a-paper-weight Yamaha to Joakim and once again you can strum it by camp fire to "Kumbayah", or perhaps something worth listening to.


Joakim is also known as a fast guitar hero who is truly worth spotting at a live performance with his band Salmonsnake (a direct translation of the Finnish word for "dragon". You may laugh now).


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