Sounds Better.




Douglas Castro, the founder of Darkglass Electronics, is an electric and audio technology prodigy who moved from his native Santiago, Chile, to Helsinki, Finland. Since early age he has been designing and building bass and guitar effects and preamps. Douglas found that similar products by other manufacturers sounded poor so he decided to design his own effects. When others heard what Douglas had created and wanted to include similar stompboxes in their own effects arsenal, Douglas turned his hobby into a profession and founded Darkglass Electronics. Years have passed but Douglas has not budged an inch from his ideals of sound and has only developed them further. Those who know anything about anything already have their own Microtubes B3K.


Douglas is also a staff member of 5 by 5 Audio Custom Shop. He speaks fluent Helsinki, loves life, admires successful entrepreneurs, and despite being a bassist he knows how to add AND subtract.


Darkglass Electronics produces the best bass effects pedals in the world. Period. If you do not believe us, ask the bassists of, say, Nine Inch Nails, Cannibal Corpse or Attack Attack.


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