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The visual look of 5 by 5 Studio's facilities is almost exclusively the work of Ari Sievälä. And 5 by 5 is not the first studio designed by "Arska". Nowhere near the first one. At 5 by 5 Studio, Ari is in charge of designing and maintaining the studio facilities. He also provides dependable background support during different sessions as a musician, as a "second pair of ears" in the production, and often as a backing vocalist in a song that is being recorded. Because Arska has the BIGGEST voice in Helsinki! He is a fantastic rock singer who does not boast about his talent.


A musical multi-talent, a cartoon artist and an infinite source of weird humour. We can only envy the spectrum of his talent. If you want to know the meaning of the following phrases, ask the man himself:


-Perryl - Tält



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